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Healthify Your Halloween

A Holistic Boo-tritionist’s Tips for a Healthy Halloween

Written by Michelle W. Book

As a kid, the most frightening part of Halloween was not knowing. Not knowing who was going to jump out from behind the doors at school or what pranks my friends would pull on me all day. My parents never truly understood how right the were when they said I wasn’t brave enough to watch It.

Now, as a parent and a holistic nutritionist, the new horror of Halloween are the unhealthy junk foods that will make their way into my son’s trick-or-treat bag. Have you ever looked at just how much sugar and sodium is in a small candy bar? Take a look. You’ll be surprised how much of that candy bar isn’t made out of sugar!

Halloween has unfortunately transformed from being an annual night of frights and scary costumes to a junk-food free-for-all. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for kids to avoid feeding into their candy cravings, and it’s no surprise when everyone’s got two chocolate bars in their hands at all times — one for themselves and one for their friends — sending kids into a never-ending spiral of sugar rushes and crashes.

However, your home doesn’t have to turn into Candy Castle to celebrate Halloween. The holiday isn’t only about collecting cavities, but spending time with family and friends. This Halloween, return to the true spirit (pun intended) of the holiday, and try out these fun-filled activities that revolve around spending quality time together, not buried alive under a pile of sweets!

Host a Halloween party — with healthy snacks

Halloween peppers

Dessert doesn’t have to be a bad word. Kids learn from a young age to gravitate toward those bright, colourful candy wrappers, but there are healthier alternatives than cheap “chocolate” bars with more synthetic ingredients than real cacao. For example, check out our recipe below for our delicious organic Pumpkin Pie Bites!


Let your kids invite their friends over and get them cooking in the kitchen to make their own healthy desserts. Click here for even more organic recipes, including Freezer Apple Cinnamon Fudge and Salted Caramel Frosted Brownies, the perfect desserts for a cool, fall evening that kids and adults can both enjoy. Visit your neighborhood Vita Health for all the ingredients you need to host a healthy Halloween party!

Focus on experiences

Halloween party

Halloween is supposed to be about the spooky, scary and paranormal, not the sugary, salty and high-in-cholesterol. Enjoy a classic Halloween night with the kids: take them to a haunted house, go on a ghost walk around the city, visit a pumpkin patch and choose the perfect pumpkin to carve, or simply watch a scary movie. These activities were once the quintessential Halloween must-dos — let’s bring them back from the undead.

Limit the candy hoard

Kids will be kids, and our little ghosts and goblins will want to go trick-or-treating with their friends. However, there are ways you can limit how much candy they bring home so they don’t eat themselves into zombies. To do this, make sure to stop them before they leave the house with an extra-large garbage bag. Give them a smaller reusable shopping bag or a small bucket for collecting candy, and set a curfew so they’re not out for hours. Once they’re home, it’s always important to check everything that they’ve gotten to make sure it’s safe. Ration their hoard and only allow them sweets on special occasions. After all, candy is a treat that definitely doesn’t need to be consumed every day.

Teaching kids the importance of balance is crucial for creating lifelong healthy habits. Where possible, try to limit the amount they consume in one sitting, the quality of the treats they’re eating. Instead, emphasize the importance of spending time with family and friends over free candy.

Originally Published on CHFA.ca

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