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Skip the Cold and Flu Bugs This Year

When cold and flu take a tour of your school here’s how we make sure to be the last person standing.

By Chance Dupuis, Vita Health Supplement Aficionado

The dreaded back to school flu: low energy, and bluesy feeling, rears its ugly head pretty quick when the school year starts.  The days become shorter, the assignments pile up, and everyone is coughing everywhere!  Grade school students and university/college students have similar needs in terms of supplementation, but post-secondary students need an extra edge to stay on top of their syllabus!  Stress plays a huge roll in the decrease of immunity and post-secondary students are chalked full of it.  I compiled a list of the top vitamins that keep me standing when everyone else is home in bed.

Vitamin D3

The sunshine vitamin! Being in the heart of Canada, prairies – we don’t see the warm sun like 6 months out of the year. If you’ve ever wondered why you feel more depressed during the winter months, you could be low on this essential vitamin. Vitamin D plays a huge role in bone density maintenance, skin, and mood!

Zinc + Copper

Move over vitamin C, zinc is a major game changer for immunity.  Vitamin C may reduce the length of colds but we don’t want to get it in the first place.  I suggest a + copper because zinc will naturally decrease copper absorption.


Brittle nails and wiry hair is no stranger to me, especially in the winter.  I lovingly call this the “pretty B” vitamin as it helps with nail and hair growth (without the gimmicks of a hair gummies and 3/4 less in price).  Make sure to keep your nail beds healthy with a vitamin E oil cuticle treatment if you’re feeling ambitious.

B12 Methyl Group

B12 came from dirt, now it’s not really seen.  If your energy levels are plummeting, you could be super low on this powerful B.  Make sure to get regular blood tests from your family doctor to check for low B12 and iron levels.


Probably my favorite to take is my omega-3.  There is so much amazing research being done on its anti-inflammatory powers and brain health that it’s a must have for a busy noggin.


Wakey wakey! Eggs and hurry up your paper is due in an hour! Night owls rejoice as there is a stimulant-free way to keep your eyes open whether you spent last night cramming or putting together that research paper.  Ginseng combinations offer you the energy without the dehydration of coffee or the crash of energy drinks.  Stay alert and focused with herbal’s best kept secret.


Alright, so you’ve earned a good night’s sleep.  Unfortunately you find yourself staring at the ceiling until 3 a.m.  Melatonin is produced naturally by the brain peaks around midnight to help control sleep cycles.  Unfortunately with too many late nights or jet lag, our levels tend to become irregular.  Return to your natural sleep rhythm with this non-habit forming liquid or tablet.

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Please note, before taking supplements it is always a good idea to check with your primary health care provider and/or pharmacist to check and make sure that supplement is right for you. This is particularly important if you have existing health concerns, are pregnant, elderly and/or are on any medications. For more tips and tricks no matter what the ailment, visit your local Vita Health today!

About the Author:
Chance is certified personal trainer, relaxation massage therapist, and is pursuing a Bsc. in the faculty of Kinesiology (athletic therapy stream) at the University of Winnipeg.  Chance specializes in sport supplementation, whole food/plant based nutrition, and making health and fitness accessible for everyone! You can follow them on Instagram @theanatomiststudies or visit them at Vita Health Tuxedo Park.


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