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Happy Halloween!

Helping to make Halloween a little bit healthier this year

As we move to living a more natural and organic lifestyle, holiday festivities should also follow suite when it comes to the treats and sweets consumed. With Halloween on the horizon, you’re likely preparing the house with spooky decorations, pumpkins and cobwebs galore, and stocking up on Halloween essentials for your yearly trick-or-treaters! However, what can be even spookier than your decorations, are the many additives in these treats that can put a determent on our overall health – and our children’s too.

Here are three things to consider implementing to help make this year’s Halloween, a little bit healthier.

Treats with natural sugars – Roaming the aisle of a health food store – a CHFA member health food store, may we add! – you’ll see many companies choosing to use natural sweeteners, such as fruit, dates and honey (to name a few) in their kid-friendly sweets. These are great alternatives to conventional sugar, which if consumed in excess, can lead to many health issues. Another great thing to opt for is dried fruit altogether – remember to always read ingredients on the packaging to make sure what’s included, is simply fruit!

Something useful – Who said sweets were the only option available to handout when kids make their way to your door on this festive evening? With many kids in school this time of year, they could likely benefit from a Halloween-inspired school supply – pencil or eraser? While it may not give them the sugar fix they wanted, you’ll be giving them a practical item to show at school to their friends the next day.

One per person, please! – We have a tendency to give a handful of goodies out to each kid on this revered day. In reality, when you think of the many houses they’ll be venturing to, a handful equates to quite the stash of treats. To lessen the load and the amount of sugar consumed, consider implementing a one per person rule.

For parents who are venturing out with their kids, Halloween, as with any festive day, is a good time to remind them that it’s about spending time with family and friends – treats are a bonus! And with the many sweets at their fingertips, discussing the difference between a treat and real, whole foods, such as an apple or carrot is important – after all, teaching kids how to maintain balance is crucial for creating healthy lifelong habits.


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