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Local Initiatives

Vita Health is a Manitoba made company. Because of our long history in the community we understand the importance of supporting local industry, especially local producers and farmers who painstakingly grow and create high quality products with your health in mind.

Be sure to check out these local producers the next time you visit us!


Black Pearl Coffee
Brie’s Botanicals
Clay Oven
Common Sense
Deruyck’s Top of the Hill Farms
Di Erbé
Diversity Food Services
Green Bean Coffee
Integrity Foods (Local bread)
John Russell Honey
Mama Pacha
Manitoba Harvest
Marg’s Strawberry Patch
Nature’s Farm
Piccola Cucina
Piney Fine
Red Spring Bakery
River City Herbals
Smak Dab
Tall Grass Prairie Bread
Wild Man Ricing


In addition to these artisanal goods, we carry organically grown farm-to-table produce, dairy and meat direct and through our distributor Fresh Option:

  • All Natural Meats
  • Bearcat Fisheries
  • Brueggemann Farms
  • E.J.H Farms
  • Grand Willow Organic
  • Heritage Lane Farms
  • Simundsson/McBey Farms
  • Stoneybrook

The brands below are all carried by Fresh Option:

  • Poplar Grove
  • Oak Valley Vegetables
  • Twin River Garden
  • Greenland Garden
  • P. Myer
  • Loveday Mushroom Farm
  • River Valley Farm
  • Baker Colony
  • Schriemer’s Market Garden
  • Wild Earth Farm
  • McMillan Family Farm
  • Hidden Valley Farm
  • Windhover Orchard

In addition to carrying local makers, we regularly support local charities with both food and monetary donations. Check out a few of the local organizations we make regular donations to:

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