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Genuine Health Collagen

Genuine Health Collagen


We are all made from collagen. It’s the most abundant protein in our bodies. But beginning in our 20s, our bodies naturally produce less of it. Collagen loss is usually seen on the skin, where lines and wrinkles form. But underneath it all, loss of collagen also affects the integrity of our bones, joints and muscles.

Good news: supplementing with clean collagen makes it easy to get the collagen you need each day to feel and look your best!

Each serving of clean collagen contains 10 grams of pure, hydrolyzed collagen that has been consciously and sustainably-sourced. Available in marine and bovine sources, in unflavoured and lightly flavoured water enhancers.

Regular $25.99 – $34.99 | Sale $19.99 – $29.99

On sale January 1 – 31st

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