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Salt less, salt best!

Natural food with fresh, organic ingredients have the most positive impact on taste and health.

A.Vogel’s Herbamare is a unique sea salt infused with 12 different fresh organically grown, GMO-free herbs and vegetables – because fresh plants deliver the best natural flavours.

It contains 1/3 less salt (sodium) then other salts (thanks to its composition).

Herbamare is the perfect replacement for conventional table salt to cook or season with as it will enhance the flavor of any dish.

Free from artificial flavours. It contains no MSG, gluten, sugar, lactose, milk protein, additives or preservatives. And is Kosher and Vegan friendly!

Available: Original flavour, spicy, sodium free.

Regular $3.99 – $12.99 | Sale 10% off

On sale August 1 – 31st

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