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Ear Tone

Ear Tone

New Nordic
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  • * Helps reduce the perception of tinnitus in the ears* Helps support peripheral blood circulation

Helps reduce the perception of tinnitus in the ears

  • Ear Tone is a Scandinavian innovation that helps reduce the perception tinnitus in the ears and aids peripheral circulation. ** Ear Tone est une innovation Scandinave qui aide �� r?duire la perception des acouph�nes dans les oreilles et supporte la circulation sanguine p?riph?rique.
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Ginkgo biloba L. (Ginkgo - Leaf/Feuille) [50:1], 50mg 24 % Flavonoid glycosides/ Flavoglycosides6 % Terpene lactones/ Terpeno-lactonesMagnesium (Magnesium oxide/ oxyde de magn?sium) 266 mg Pinus pinaster - Maritime pine (bark)/ Pin maritime (ecorce) 25 mg95 % Proanthocyanidins

Recommended Use

Relieves ringing in the ears **** Soulage les acouph�nes dans les oreilles

Recommended Dosage

2 tablets a day with a meal **** Prendre 2 comprime��s par jour avec un repas