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Symon's Super Mix

The Original Greens Food Since 1940

Since the 1940’s Symons super mix (the original greens) has been called the ideal food supplement due to the different ways it provides nutrition to the body. Originally Ernie Symons from Rocanville Saskatchewan blended Super mix after learning about the healing power of Alfalfa - as the “King” of Chlorophyll – to help combat the inflammation in his joints.

Comprised primarily of Alfalfa leaf meal, Millet, Buckwheat, rosehips and Pacific Kelp – Super Mix reflects the best of the herbal, cereal grain, berry and seaweed sources on the planet. This complimentary blend is the most nutritionally balanced and concentrated natural food supplement in existence.

In order to survive the harsh prairie winters - the Alfalfa roots must grow deeper in -30 Celcius temperatures thereby pulling more vitamins, minerals and trace minerals from the soil. As a result, Symons Super Mix is high in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and naturally occurring trace minerals in the highest concentrations of any other full spectrum food supplement.

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