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Energy Boost Lemon 30s

Energy Boost Lemon 30s

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Vitamin C is best known for strengthening the immune system by supporting and improving white blood cell function. It is also essential for the proper formation of collagen, the building block of many tissues and a crucial component in skin rejuvenation. Vitamin C also helps to reduce histamine release in the body, thereby alleviating allergy symptoms. There are numerous forms of vitamin C with ascorbic acid being the most basic. People wanting a clinically proven form that is easier on the system than ascorbic acid may choose a form like Ester-C brand calcium ascorbate.

Each vegetarian capsule contains:
Medicinal ingredients:
    Vitamin C (calcium ascorbate)...600 mgfrom Ester-C brand calcium ascorbate
    Arabinogalactan (Larix occidentalis) bark...100 mg
    Quercetin (fruit)...50 mg
    Multianthocyanidins (berry/fruit*)...50 mg*bilberry, cranberry, black currant, grape
Non-medicinal ingredients: magnesium stearate (vegetable).

Capsule shell: hypromellose.

Contains no dairy, wheat, gluten, peanuts or soy.