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Salus Floravit 250ml

Salus Floravit 250ml

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During pregnancy and breastfeeding,the body requires significantly more iron to meet the demands for the growth and development of a child1,2. 

Iron picks up oxygen from the lungs, loads it onto red blood cells, and transports it to every cell in the body, including the womb. Our cells use this oxygen to make energy, and one of the highest demands for energy is growth of a baby in utero2.

According to Health Canada, iron deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency during pregnancy. About 18% of pregnant women are iron deficient3, and research shows that iron deficiency during pregnancy increases the risk of maternal and infant mortality, premature birth, low birthweightand impaired cognitive and behavioural development4-6. Health Canada recommends supplementing 16 to 20mg of iron daily during pregnancy to reduce these risks2.

There is significant blood loss during childbirth and in the following weeks, resulting in depletion of iron stores in new moms. During breastfeeding, a baby requires high amounts of iron to continue healthy growth and development. Interestingly, breastfed babies tend to receive the same amount of iron from mom, regardless of mom's iron level7. This means mom preferentially gives iron to her baby trough the breastmilk, depletingher own stores.

Sleeplessness in new parenthood is normal, but iron deficiency is a separate and preventable cause of postpartum fatigue. Fatigue in breastfeeding women is significantly correlated with postpartum depression and early cessation of breastfeeding8.

The best way to understand your iron status is by having a blood test to measure something called ferritin, which is our iron storage. Ferritin is not reliable in the first six weeks postpartum, so it should be tested during pregnancy and repeated six to eight weeks postpartum.

The tricky part is that “normal" ferritin is defined as 5-272 ug/L. Since this is a wide range, you can imagine that someone with a ferritin of 7 ug/L would feel very different from someone with a ferritin level of 200 ug/L.Dr. Hilary suggests aiming for a ferritin of 70-100 ug/L to support the healthy growth and development of baby during pregnancy, as well as mom's increased iron requirements during breastfeeding.

Some groups of people are likely to have low iron, including:

- During pregnancy and breastfeeding- Vegans and vegetarians- Women with heavy periods- People lacking a nutrient-rich diet- Children with behavioural concerns or ADHD- People experiencing fatigue, depression, or brain fog- People taking acid blocking medications for heartburn- People with digestive conditions such as Celiac disease, colitis, Crohn's disease, and SIBO

It can be challenging to get enough iron from diet alone, especially given the increased requirements for iron during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Nausea, constipationand food aversions can make it even more challenging to eat a diet high in iron. Health Canada recommends daily iron supplementation of 16-20mg during pregnancy.

Floravit is a liquid iron supplement that is safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and it promotes the formation of healthy red blood cells. The iron is in form called ferrous gluconate, which is effectively absorbed, gentle on the stomach, and unlikely to cause digestive upset or constipation11.

Floravit provides vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B12. These vitamins work synergistically with iron to promote the formation of healthy red blood cells to treat and prevent anemia during pregnancy and postpartum. In addition, B vitamins are essential for the conversion of oxygen into energy once it has been delivered to our cells.

Floravit contains a combination of nutrient-rich vegetables, fruits and herbs that have been carefully selected to improve the digestion and absorption of iron. It is free from alcohol,artificial colours and flavours, and is yeast, dairy, and gluten free, and vegan-friendly.

Floravit is also suitable for children, adolescents, and non-pregnant individuals who require supplementation to achieve healthy iron levels.