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Prairie Naturals, Sytrinol. 60 Caps.

Prairie Naturals, Sytrinol. 60 Caps.

Prairie Naturals
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  • Take control of cholesterol
  • Clinically studied
  • Patented cholesterol-lowering supplement
  • Made from compounds in citrus peel & palm fruit extracts
  • One-a-day is all you need
  • Can lower cholesterol in 30 Days
  • Safe & cost-effective
  • No toxic side effects
  • Vegetarian capsules


Sytrinol, natural cholesterol control!

The body needs cholesterol to function, but too much of it in the blood or too much of the wrong kind can increase the risk of heart disease. Sytrinol is a patented cholesterol-lowering supplement made from the natural phytochemical compounds in citrus peel and palm fruit extracts. This formulation synergistically combines polymethoxylated flavones - PMFs for short - with delta, gamma, and alpha tocotrienols with other proprietary ingredients recognized for their role in promoting heart and cardiovascular health. One-a-day is all you need to safely lower cholesterol in 30 days without toxic side effects (unlike statin drugs).

Multiple studies show Sytrinol decreases total cholesterol by 30 percent, low-density lipoprotein (LDL), bad cholesterol, by 27 percent and triglycerides by 34 percent. In addition, high-density lipoprotein (HDL), the good cholesterol increases four percent. Sytrinol works by decreasing the oxidation of bad cholesterol, a factor in plaque formation and narrowing coronary arteries. Sytrinol also decreases inflammation of arteries, which is believed to be associated with an increased risk of coronary attack. And by lubricating platelets, the small blood particles responsible for blood clot formation, there's less chance of one forming in coronary arteries.(*)

Why is it important to balance & control cholesterol levels?

The body needs cholesterol to function, but too much of it in the blood or too much of the wrong kind can increase the risk of heart disease.

What Other Prairie Naturals Heart Health Products Complement Sytrinol

Research shows that these other heart smart supplements available in the Prairie Naturals brand improve the health of the heart and vascular system:

(*): Republished from the Winnipeg Press print edition - March 18, 2011.

Recommended Use or Purpose: Helps to reduce serum triglycerides and triacylglycerols, total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol. Helps improve LDL:HDL ratio. Helps maintain and support cardiovascular health. An antioxidant for the maintenance of good health.

Recommended Dose (Adult): Take 1 V-Capsule a day with a meal or as directed by a qualified health care practitioner. Use for a minimum of 4 weeks.

Duration of use: Consult health care practitioner for use beyond 12 weeks.

Medicinal Ingredients: Each V-Capsule contains:

Sytrinol™ 300 mg containing:

Citrus Nobilis (Mandarin Orange peel) standardized to 36%