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Prairie Naturals, Z*Mag Force. 60 Caps.

Prairie Naturals, Z*Mag Force. 60 Caps.

Prairie Naturals
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  • Increased testosterone
  • Improved sleep quality and recovery
  • Increased protein synthesis
  • Increased muscle strength and power


Z*Mag Force; Strength & Recovery

Z*Mag Force is a combination of minerals, delivered in scientifically proven dosages, shown to increase testosterone levels and muscle strength, while also improving sleep. Zinc and magnesium are essential for proper hormonal and immune support. Contains highly bioavailable forms of zinc and magnesium and P-5-P B6 to further enhance the absorption of zinc and magnesium. With added Holy Basil to aid in adrenal support and hormone balance by aiding the body in dealing with the effects of stress and anxiety.

Recommended for men of all ages!(*)

Z*Mag-Force is ideal for:

  • Men needing to replace critical building blocks of testosterone
  • Men wanting to consume these valuable supplements before bed to improve recovery
  • Persons who are under increased stress, such as athletes, students and those who are overworked

Z*Mag-Force may help to:

  • Repair deficiencies of zinc, magnesium and B6
  • Improve testosterone production
  • Maintain proper muscle function
  • Reduce muscle cramping
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Reduce anxiety, depression and induce more restful sleep

Men have specific health needs and concerns and often ignore health warnings. Unchecked this can lead to a serious deterioration in health and vitality. Even more concerning, men are at higher risk of developing disease and die at higher rates for all the top 10 causes of death including heart disease, diabetes, liver disease and even cancer. The good news is that many of these hazards can be addressed with preventative lifestyle choices and health-promoting daily habits. Prairie Naturals has been a pioneer in men's health products since the early 1990s.

Recommended Use or Purpose: Promotes the maintenance of proper muscle function, energy metabolism, connective tissue formation and bone development. Aids in the function of normal electrolyte balance, red blood cell formation and normal DNA synthesis.

Recommended Dose (Adult): 1-2 capsules daily with a meal or as directed by a health care practitioner. Take a few hours before or after taking other medication or natural health products. For use beyond 4 weeks, consult a health care practitioner.

Medicinal Ingredients:

1 Capsule Contains:

Magnesium (L-aspartate, Oxide) 225 mg


Zinc (L-carnosine) 15 mg

Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxal 5′-phosphate) 5 mg

Holy basil extract (2.0% Ursolic acid leaf) 50 mg

2 Capsules Contain:

Magnesium (L-aspartate, Oxide) 450 mg

Zinc (L-carnosine) 30 mg

Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxal 5′-phosphate) 10 mg

Holy basil extract (2.0% Ursolic acid leaf) 100 mg

Non-Medicinal Ingredients: