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8 Tips for Healthy Summer Eating

Just because we are having summer fun, doesn’t mean we can’t make healthy eating choices. We’ve prepared some tips to get the whole family to eat healthy this summer!


TIP #1: Ditch the ice cream and opt for: popsicles, paletas, fresh fruit for dessert!

TIP #2: Instead of sugary drinks, how about a refreshing fruit infused water instead? Yummy! 



TIP #3: Add grilled veggies and fruits to your BBQ!

TIP #4: Pack healthy snacks on trips, so you're not tempted to buy junk food on the go! #FoodFri

TIP #5: Make SMOOTHIES to refresh and to get those kids eating fruits and veggies!

TIP #6: FARM FRESH! Get kids excited about fruits and veggies by picking them! Look for local farms and check them out!

Tomatoes are all the rage in the summer, it is when they are the best because they are in season. 



TIP #7: Cut fruit up in fun shapes and arrange them in fun ways so that kids will be excited to eat them.

TIP #8: Keep washed and cut fruit and veggies in easy to grab containers in the fridge.